It is important to adhere to particular guidelines while we navigate and combat COVID-19. Though we have to practice isolating ourselves, it is important to regularly clean our houses. If you want to keep up the cleanliness of your house, you and your household members can stay healthy and safe for a longer time. Apart from that, you’ll get a lesser chance of transferring bacteria or the virus to other people. Below are some of the proven and tested disinfecting and cleaning tips to others.  

Disinfect rugs and furniture 

Our furniture sees plenty of traffic—particularly if there are adults, pets, and kids all over your home. Moreover, your shoes, slippers, and other footwear can track nasty germs onto rugs and carpets. Hence, always remind yourself and your family members to always leave your shoes at your door.   

Wash clothes right away  

We do not typically think about our clothes as carriers of germ. However, they can carry dangerous bacteria. When you get back from a public place, strip off your clothes and begin to load it in your laundry and spin in.  You do not have to utilize other solutions or additional detergent. You just turn up the temperature of the water and go over your normal routine. When you have to wash the clothes of your sick family member, do not forget to wear disposable gloves. Also, it is important to disinfect your laundry baskets and hampers as well. If you do not know which products to apply, the Environmental Protection Agency has specific guidelines for the approved and regulated cleaners to deal with COVID-19.  Before you begin to clean your home, make sure to take a look at such guidelines first and keep all of them in mind.  

Scrub surfaces that usually have high traffic 

On a daily basis, the people in your family will surely touch countertops, light switches, doorknobs, and more. Consequently, myriads of bacteria infest those surfaces. Usually, they are not extremely hazardous. However, in today’s case, it is vital to take every preventive measure. You don’t necessarily need to sanitize every part of your home every hour and day, however, you need to consider sanitizing high-traffic area regularly. If you come from the supermarket or from home, make sure to clean them as well.  

Utilize your favorite biodegradable wipes to effectively sanitize places. A combination of water and soap holds viral practices that lead to COVID-19, so that mixture must always be the first step you should do. Then, you can utilize some cleaning solutions out in the market like Hydrogen Peroxide, Isopropyl Alcohol, and Bleach to terminate virus particles and thoroughly disinfect your home.  

Given all of these given tips, the traditional way of sanitation usually releases dangerous organic compounds into the air. Because of that, it is really needed for you to utilize a sustainable approach. First, determine the material of your furniture. Then, make a homemade cleaning routine and natural solutions you can use for it. If you don’t have the time to do all of this, you can always use the help from the cleaning experts and avail of their disinfecting services near you.